At Fingers From Heaven, we offer a specialized type of massage called Meridian Massage

When I began my training over two decades ago, I began to feel as though, that traditional massage with oils and creams, was not the only way to treat the body. I realized that the body needed to be seen as a whole unit, and each individual part played a significant role. It is then that I introduced what I call, Meridian Massage.

Meridian Massage, is a type of treatment, that allows the person to stay fully clothed, and the treatment is done on a physical, and energetic level. Accessing each meridians own energy, the Qi (the body’s energy system), is then moved throughout the body, re-energizing it, and bringing it back into balance. This is accomplished by using acupressure, as well as gliding techniques, and hand cupping techniques, to increase the circulation, working the body back into balance.

Gliding techniques are long or short massage strokes throughout the body, and hand cupping is light to heavy taping pressure, along a meridian, to bring blood to the surface to increase the healing capacity.

Meridian Massage can be done on a light or deep level.