"When I think of Acupuncture, I think of FREEDOM!"

It is one of those modalities in alternative healing, that has the capacity to bring instant relief, on multiple levels: Body, Mind and Spirit.

On the physical level, acupuncture supports the body through the use of acupuncture points, that run along the meridians (energy pathways), in your body. By accessing these points, a patient can come in, with a headache, and after one acupuncture treatment, can get relief from that headache, and aid in eliminating the origin of the headache.

When using acupuncture, the mind gives the body permission to allow the treatment to work. By doing so, the mind relaxes, and in turn, increased circulation of blood and oxygen occur, leading towards a more balanced emotional and mental state.

The meridians, are connected to organs or glands, and work together to achieve a perfect balance. They are like rivers that flow throughout the body, sending nourishment to all the tissues, cells, muscle, tendons, etc., in the body, to release energetic and physical disease. When in balance, the body performs like a well oiled machine.

I call Acupuncture the “Silent Healer”, because there is no REAL test  (such as  an MRI or cat-scan), that shows how the meridians are coming into balance, but after a single treatment, most people feel a lot better.

Acupuncture works for every condition that is imaginable. It is by no means a “cure” for anything; it is a modality that brings excellent results.

Acupuncture Can Effectively Treat:

Cancer issues, and side effects

  1.  Asthma • Allergies • Neck/Back Pain • Irritable Bowl/Digestive Conditions • Stress/Anxiety
  2. Hypertension • Aging & Hospice Care
  3. Issues with Pregnancy/Fertility • PMS/Menopause • Fibromyalgia • Weight Loss • Insomnia
  4. Side effects due to Cancer and other Life Altering Dis-eases
  5. Smoking • Facial Rejuvenation • Headaches
  6. fHIV/AIDS and other Immune Disorders • Arthritis • Colds & Flu • Carpal Tunnel • Depression
  7. Drug/Alcohol Addictions • All Pain • Multiple Sclerosis • Diabetes • Sports Injuries
  8. Men’s Health Issues • ADD/ADHD (Adults & Children)
  9. Test Taking and Preparation • Well Care