Dr. Connie Tjaden

Dr. Connie Tjaden

When I became a Doctor of Acupuncture, I changed my practice to be more of a Cancer Care Specialty, and Pain Management Practice. I believe that there is so much pain and suffering regarding the word “Cancer”, that people become paralyzed, and don’t know where to go, and what to do. I offer support on an emotional and physical level, and help guide you along your journey, wherever you are. 

Almost 25 years ago, I began my journey in the healing arts. I attended a school that had a more spiritual philosophy, incorporating eastern and western treatment philosophies. My eyes were opened to the world of energy through the meridian systems. I realized that by accessing different acupuncture points, that the body could learn to come back into a state of balance.en

Incorporating Acupuncture and Massage then became natural to me, as I learned how to help people feel better on a physical, emotional and spiritual level. Over the years, I studied An-Ra Energy Healing, Hypnosis, and honed my Medical Intuitive Skillsat Pathways To Health, and became an Advanced Yoga Teacher, from Healing Movement Yoga Teachers Training,  and a Yoga Therapist.

I have had the pleasure of sharing that sacred space with patients who were ending their journey through hospice care, as well as, being blessed, to assist in bringing new life into the world.

I have educated people, and continue to share information about alternative healing and wellness for decades, in large and small groups. The message is the same wherever you go; everyone wants to achieve balance.

My goal is to continue along the journey of healing, and bring peace to those around me.

Fingers From Heaven’s  is located at 464 Route 25A Miller Place, NY 11764 (in Pathways to Health office)

Once you enter our office,  all that is left to do, is RELAX!!! 

I am a National Acupuncture Detoxification Association (NADA) Acu-Detox Specialist, and have been trained to treat in disasters through Acupuncturists Without Borders.

We Support

A few years ago, I partnered with the Maria Z Hope Foundation, and it has been a wonderful connection. They offer alternative services, like Acupuncture, to their clientele, so that they may find some peace and relief, as they go through whatever medical treatment they might have to endure.

This organization was founded in order to help people gain access to alternative therapies for chronic life altering illnesses. They supply emotional, financial, and education support, to these individuals.

When patients come to see me for Acupuncture,  they are able to cope with whatever physical and mental issues that are plaguing them.

For me personally, I am blessed to be a small part of their healing, and that exchange of energy is beyond words. I am truly grateful…

You can learn more about the Maria Z Hope Foundation by clicking here.