Short and long term permanent relief

When I was rear ended by a truck I turned to acupuncture and massage for relief. A friend highly recommended Connie Tjaden an acupuncturist and massage therapist. Connie worked with no fault insurance. Her knowledge and techniques are very effective and provided both short and long term permanent relief. I feel like a new man!

S. Walker

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Pain under my left shoulder blade

A few years ago, I had a terrible pain under my left shoulder blade. I am a active person who teaches and practices yoga several days a week. Connie administered acupuncture and the pain subsided enough that I could get some movement. After the second treatment and gentle massage, I had full range of motion. I was able to teach

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Slept all night

Connie thanks again for getting me in yesterday! I was so relaxed after the treatment.. I slept all night and feel normal today ?. — Gina

Healthy, active, and confident now

I simply can’t thank Connie enough for the care she has given me. I came to Connie with a severe health issue and she gave me so much relief through Accupuncture, Yoga, and her healing touch massage. I was able to avoid major surgery with Accupuncture treatment with Connie. I am so grateful to be healthy, active, and confident now

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