Acupuncture, Massage & Yoga Prices












 FDNY (Worker’s Compensation for Acupuncture)

We treat people from the Maria Z Hope Foundation

Most treatments covered by insurance!!!

Great for Teachers, Nurses, Doctors, Police Officers…


Acupuncture:   Single Sessions  $77 per visit

                                        5 session special $297 (Paid in full initial visit)

Meridian Massage (Energetic Massage):

                                        Single Session $87 (for 50 minutes)

                                        Two Massages $157 (each done individually, paid in full initial visit)

Special Acupuncture & Massage Combo Special:

                                       Receive 25 minutes of Meridian Massage, and 25 minutes of Acupuncture $127


Hospice Care:

                                      Call for Special Individualized Rates.

                                      Treatments are done in the privacy of your home, or Hospice facility.


Group Meditation and Essential Oils: Call for Special Rates


Yoga Therapy:   Single Session for 1 on 1 time with a client $127

                                       5 Sessions for 1 on 1 time with the same client $577 (paid in full at initial visit)


Group Yoga Class in your Home:

                                      Single class $157 for 60 minutes (up to 6 people)

                                      5 Sessions Group Special $677 for 60 minute class (up to 6 people)


 Call for Corporate Rates and Flexibility