Corporate Wellness & Team Building Skills

At Fingers From Heaven, we offer an extensive variety of Corporate Wellness Programs. Each one is designed to offer wellness, and achieve a greater level of productivity,  enhancing team building skills.


Acupuncture to Relax and Renew


This program allows employees to sit in a conference room in a group setting, or on an individual basis, and receive Acupuncture to improve work efficacy, and achieve leadership goals. Each individual will have different goal, but ultimately, the goal will be to work together as a cohesive unit. Acupuncture Relax and Renew facilitates in achieving that goal.

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Restorative Yoga


(This can be done with or without Acupuncture and Essential Oils.)

We have found that over the years, in doing Corporate Programs, there needs to be a level of trust for it to be successful. Occasionally, some employees will feel a little apprehensive at first, but within a very short amount of time, they begin to trust, and enjoy the feeling of complete relaxation.

That is the first step towards Corporate Wellness. Once that happens, they let their guard down, they are  embracing the Restorative Yoga Program we have designed for that day. It is at that point we say to ourselves, let the healing begin.  When an employee has an opened heart and mind, they are extremely productive, and  are motivated to do a better job. Shortly after we run one of these programs, we begin to hear how employees are much happier and doing a better job in the office.   

Company Employee Wellness Days are a great venue for these programs to begin. Offer your employees a gift of wellness, and they will return the favor by increasing your revenue.

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Yoga Classes on the Corporate Level


When yoga is brought into a corporation, it always turns out to be a great experience. Usually with weekly classes, the employees at first, feel a little uncomfortable, but  very quickly, they forget about how they think they look, and come to the class, ready to feel better for themselves. Whether an employee has had a little or a lot of yoga experience in their life, it doesn’t matter; because all the classes are geared to work with a mixed group of people.

Usually during the class, there will be some soft music, and a Guided Meditation to help them relax, and feel fulfilled. This class is usually held in a large meeting room, or break room in your facility.

Acupuncture To Relax and Renew, as well as the Corporate Yoga Classes, 

can be done on a lunch hour time frame or longer.

The Restorative Yoga is usually A 2 hour program, but can be designed to fit into any schedule.

Prices available upon request.