About Us

Connie Tjaden, L.Ac., LMT, RYT-500, Yoga Therapist, BS/MS


Almost 25 years ago, I began my journey in the healing field. I attended a school that had a more spiritual philosophy, incorporating eastern and western treatment philosophies. My eyes opened to the world of energy through the meridian systems. I saw how by accessing different acupressure and acupuncture points, that the body could learn to come back into a state of balance.

Incorporating Massage and Acupuncture then became natural to me, as I learned how to help people feel better on a physical, emotional and spiritual level. Over the years, I studied An-Ra Energy Healing (similar to Reiki), and hypnosis; honed my medical intuitive skills, and became a Yoga Instructor and Yoga Therapist.

I have had the pleasure of sharing that sacred space with patients who are ending their journey through hospice care, as well as being blessed to assist in bringing new life into the world.

I have educated people sharing information in relation to alternative healing and wellness for decades in large and small groups. The message is the same wherever you go; everyone wants to achieve balance.

My goal is to continue to be able to use all the wellness tools that I have acquired throughout my career, and be a facilitator of healing to everyone that crosses my path.

Fingers From Heaven’s main office is located at 77 Shore Road in Mount Sinai, New York.

We are on three acres piece of that offers patients the opportunity to walk the grounds and experience a quiet walking meditation on the labyrinth, listen to the running water in the pond, or simply just embrace the beauty of nature.

I have two treatment rooms that have music, Essential Oils and relaxation, to everyone that comes to be treated. Once you are on the treatment tables, all that is left to do is RELAX!!!